Legislative framework


The current legislative framework, which consists of Law 4497/2017 “on the modernisation of legislation in regard to chambers of commerce”, which replaced certain provisions of Law 2081/92, as in force (following their amendment by Laws 3419/05 and 4314/14), instilled a fresh impetus to the Chamber institution and provided it with administrative and managerial autonomy.

1. What is the ACCI?

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) conforms with the definition of paragraph a of article 61 (L. 4497/2017), which explicitly states that: “The term Chambers denotes autonomous, mandatory unions of natural and legal persons with commercial activities. The Chambers are public law entities that exercise their powers and responsibilities, and carry out their activities within a specific territorial unit.”

2. Purpose

According to Article 62 (L. 4497/2017), “The purpose of Chambers, within the limits of the territorial unit in which they exercise their powers, is to: a. protect and develop commerce, industry, crafts, professions, services, exports, and every sector of the economy, in accordance with the interests and aims of the national economy regarding its development and progress; b. provide the State with well-documented proposals on any economic matter, always focused on the economic development of the territorial unit in which they exercise their powers and the overall interests of the national economy; c. provide their members, and all interested parties, with opinions and information on any economic matter; d. provide services to support the activity of their members, as well as exercise powers conferred by public law on issues pertaining to the formation, licensing, and operation of businesses.”

3. Members of the ACCI

In accordance with para. 1 of article 64 (L. 4497/2017), without prejudice to more specific provisions, the members of a Chamber are ipso jure the legal and natural persons that are required to register with the General Electronic Commercial Register (GEMI), in accordance with L. 3419/2005 (Α΄ 297) from the time of their registration and until their deregistration. Legal and natural persons that are not mandatorily registered with GEMI, albeit carry out economic or professional activities, are entitled to register with Chambers.

(For more information about Member Registration, see Πληροφόρηση Επιχειρήσεων)

Today, more than 106,000 enterprises are registered with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a fact that, among other things, signifies the importance of its interventions and, in general, its activity within the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sector.

4. Inspection of Member names and titles

For information about Name & Title validations, see the corresponding selection in Πληροφόρηση Επιχειρήσεων.