Director: Salapatas Vassilis
(Τηλ. +30 210 3646133, 210 3382201)

Head of the Department: Gianniotis Christos

Phone: 30 210 3382200

Department Phones: 003021033822214, 209, 110, 106


The Department of Information & Communication Technologies is responsible for:

  1. Analysis, design, planning, and application development.
  2. Software, hardware, network maintenance, and technical support.
  3. Maintenance and operation of ACCI’s main computer systems such as PROTEAS, e-chamber, Interface with GEMI, Electronic Protocol system, networking, system/network security.
  4. Technical Support for organization Users
  5. Reviewing European and National programs related to new Information and Communications Technologies to consider possible participation.
Head of the Department: Stavrakoglou Iliana

Phone: 30 210 3382147 & 30 210 3382149
Fax: 30 210 3609675

The Department of Special Registries is responsible for:

1. The maintenance of the Special Registry of Exporters ( “E.M.E”) for members of the ACCI, the Chamber of Small Size Industries ( “BEA”) and the Chamber of the Professions ( “EEA”), the maintenance of the Directory of Names of Exporters, as well as the maintenance of books for the monitoring of Letters of Credits.

2. Attending to the receipt of documents of registration in the Special Registry of Exporters and of documents for the issue of licenses for Commercial Representatives (imports/exports), their examination and forwarding for certification of registration and the granting of licenses and permits.

3. Attending to the renewal of export names every three years.

4. Attending to the receipt and return of Letters of Credit.

5. Attending to the implementation of decisions by the Committee for Examination of Appeals, which is headquartered at the Ministry of National Economy ( “O?AEI”), to which companies may appeal in case the application to register has been rejected.

6. Attending to the implementation of decisions by the Supreme Disciplinary Council for Exporting Commerce.

7. Collecting and recording the changes of status of its registered member exporters.

8. Reporting every recording, renewal or alteration of the data in the Special Registry of Exporters to the Ministry of Commerce and the Registry Department of the ACCI.

9. Issuing certificates of registration and cancellation for member companies which are not ACCI members, and issuing collection orders for said documents.

10. Managing the Registry of Commercial Representatives (for imports and exports) and compiling a directory thereof.

11. Attending to the collection and recording of all data pertaining to member companies engaged in exporting and representation, which is necessary for the Data Bank being developed by the ACCI.

Head of Department: Giakomidou Despoina

Phone: +30 210 3632267, +30 210 3382138
Fax: +30 210 3628352

The Registry Department is responsible for:

1. The management of the Registry of ACCI Members and of the Directory of Business Names & Designations, as well as the recording of changes of status which may pertain to Member Companies of the ACCI.

2. The issue of certificates of registration, history of membership or cancellation thereof, certificates of good financial standing with the ACCI, as well as the authentication of Signatures (originals or copies) for representatives of member companies.

3. The monitoring of financial obligations of members (attending to the collection of dues and fees for company names, the issue of certificates, the authentication of signatures, the supply of information by the Data Bank, etc).

4. The collection of data pertaining to member companies which are required for the Data Bank developed by the ACCI.

5. The compilation of election lists and the management of all procedures relating to elections.