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Member of Administrative committee – Head of Business Consulting Unit
Maria Arvanitopoulou e-mail:
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The President of the BoD of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Μrs. Sophia Kounenaki-Efraimoglou is Elected President of the National Chamber Network of Greek Women Entrepreneurs (EEDEGE), Executive Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation of the Hellenic World and Head of “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Centre, as well as Treasurer of the BoD at ALBA Graduate Business School and Member of the General Council of SEV. She is the Chairman & Managing Director of Ardittos Holdings SA and Board Member of TERNA ENERGY GROUP and Lavipharm S.A.

She is Vice President of the BoD of Technopolis – Acropolis SA, Vice President of the BoD of the Greek-Latin American Council, General Secretary of the BoD of the Greek-Asian Business Council, Member of the Non-Executive Directors’ Club and Member of the Business Advisory Council of the MBA International Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business. She is a Member of the Advisory Committee of the Maniatakeion Foundation as well as of the diaNEOsis Institute.

In 2008, as a member of the BoD of SEV, she initiated and led the developing of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code and its promotion in Greek enterprises as well as the subsequent establishment of the Greek Corporate Governance Council in 2012, at the 15-member council of which she is currently a member.

She was President and CEO of Vivodi Telecom and President of Fortius Finance Securities S.A., companies which she founded. She has been a Member of the Board of SEV, as well as Member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Exchanges SA Group, for eleven consecutive years. She has been a Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Center for European Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, for several years, she taught courses at the Department of Accounting, Business Administration and Informatics at the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. She holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Philosophy, Business Administration and Computer Programming. She speaks English, French and Italian and is the mother of three children.

She has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Region of Attica for her outstanding entrepreneurship, as well as the Association of Smyrneans, the Navy, the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, the Filothei-Psychiko Municipality, the Unesco Club, the Tourism Awards Organization and Rotary Greece for her service to the country. She has been honored by The Lions Club of Athens Specialty New Voices and by Who is Who International Awards for supporting women in business and for her significant role in culture.


More than 25 years of uninterrupted presence in the stock market verify Maria Arvanitopoulou’s credentials of a successful career and the integrity of her character. Economics, business administration, and marketing studies, combined with significant experience in sales, led her to high-level, demanding positions of responsibility early on in her career.

She has been the Chairperson and CEO of the investment services firm Eurocapital Partners since 2001. She navigated through the international financial crisis of 2008 and the Greek market crisis of 2015 with flexibility and impeccable credibility. Resilience under all conditions, based on deep knowledge of their field, is what Maria Arvanitopoulou and her partners offer.

Following closely geopolitical balances is a top priority for her, as she firmly believes that understanding international developments, not only on the economic level but in a comprehensive way, is key to achieving the best possible positioning in global and Greek markets. She also makes sure to sharpen her insight by consistently pursuing lifelong learning through annual training at the international level. She speaks fluently English and French.

Maria Arvanitopoulou gets elected to the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry board of directors for over ten years. Well-respected among her peers, she was also vice-president of the Association of Investment Services Providers, to which she was elected from 2004 to 2013 and also served as treasurer.

She strictly follows the principle that mutual trust is the only solid ground for any collaboration. Her hope is that as Business Advisory Support Manager, she will contribute substantially to the endurance capabilities of Athenian professionals, especially in moments of uncertainty, and by extension to higher profitability. She is also a mentor at the ACCI Angels program, aiming to support the dynamics of local start-ups and empower young business minds.

In her opinion, distinguishing between opportunity and unnecessary risk is among the most valuable skills. It is only then that every business choice, combined with hard work, can be a step closer to success, also contributing to the Greek economy and society. Her interests include visual arts and theatre, for which she maintains a remarkable personal archive spanning many years. She is married and the mother of two children.