Director: Georgopoulou Spiridoula

(Τηλ. +30 210 3622158, +30 210 3646187, Int. 306)

Head of the Department: Morogiorga Stavroula
Phone: 30 210 3625903, 30 210 3382148
Fax: 30 210 3616464

The Department of Personnel & Employment is responsible for the following:

1. The management of all issues relating to personnel rights such as implementation of labor law, monitoring of personal files, sick-leave, absences, vacations, education, special training as well as changes to status (promotions, transfers, etc).

2. The management of all procedures of hiring and appointments for permanent personnel as well as for temporary private-law personnel, in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Personnel Selection and the Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization.

3. The collection and processing of data relating to the structure of ACCI’s service departments.

4. The use of registers and files for incoming and outgoing documents, as well as the use of a confidential register.

5. The assignment and delivery of incoming documents to the recipient directorates and departments.

6. The certification by the Department Supervisor of the authenticity of copies or photocopies of any document or supporting document after comparison with the original or “exact copy” as well as the certification of signatures.

7. Attending to the guarding and cleaning of the building.

Head of the Department: Polidouli Elisavet

Phone: +30 210 36 23 008, +30 210 33 82 144
Fax: +30 210 33 26 977

The Department of Financial Management is responsible for the following:

1. The drafting and implementation of the annual budget and the annual report.

2. The management of all expenditures (the issue of payment vouchers), and the payment of salaries and other personnel remuneration.

3. The collection of revenues.

4. The recording of all revenues and expenditure in the accounting system of ACCI in accordance to double entry accounting principles.

Head of the Department: Charitos Ioannis

Phone: 30 210 3626242, 30 210 3382102
Fax: 30 210 3616464

The Department of Procurement is responsible for the following:

1. Supply, repair and maintain assets.

2. Responsible for implementing procedures for maintaining control over and the safeguarding of assets.

3. Housing and proper use of A.C.C.I.’s property.

4. Responsible for building safety/security and cleaning.

Head of the Department: Papadiamantopoulou Konstantina

Phone: 30 210 3622158
E-mail :

The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for :

1. The preparation of the information required for decision making by the B.D. and the A.C., the preparation of items of the agenda for meetings, and the invitation of ACCI personnel whose participation may be required. Also the notification about decisions by the B.D. & A.C. to the appropriate departments of the ACCI.

2. The organization of elections for B.D. and A.C. membership, and the keeping of records pertaining to election results.

3. The keeping of a roster of administration members.

4. The keeping of a roster of committees and councils in which ACCI administration members or other personnel may participate.

5. The keeping of minutes of meetings of the B.D. and the A.C.

6. The management and implementation of any affair pertaining to the offices of members of the Administrative Committee.

Head of the Department: Evagelakou Eleni

Phone: 30 210 3618932, 30 210 3382145
Fax: 30 210 3616464

The Cashier Department is responsible for:

1. Managing the issue of receipts (for dues, fees and other receivables), and keeping records thereof.

2. Managing the fixed down-payments, and keeping records thereof according to current regulations.

3. The receipt of all ACCI revenues.