Director: Fotini Milona

(Τηλ. +30 210-3603228, +30 210-3382403)

Head of the Department: Kanaveta Lemonia
Phone.: 30 210 3627911, 30 210 3624530, 30 210 3382240
Fax: 30 210 3631 139

The Department of Trade is responsible for the following issues:

1. The monitoring of current laws and regulations affecting domestic trade of local or imported goods.

2. The monitoring and study of the operation, development and credit history of commercial enterprises as well as the collection of data relating to various laws, bills and circulars by Ministries and other Public Agencies on subjects such as taxes, price control, tariffs, customs, public procurement, competition, consumer protection, business accommodation, itinerant commerce, labor security, and other such issues which may affect the business world.

3. The study of company data for each category of imported, represented or traded products, and the collection of information and the compilation of lists of Greek Importers for each product (imported or represented) and type of activity.

4. The collection of data and the supply of information to interested parties relating to the COOPERATION of foreign firms with Greek companies.

5. The supply of information relating to the declaration of bidding procedures initiated by various Public Organizations (Ministries, Public Sector Companies, etc) in Greece, the European Union and other countries.

6. The supply of information relating to products (such as steel, textiles, etc) from countries outside the European Union for which an import permit may be required (depending on product, country, and “harmonized code”), such as :

* Statistical monitoring

* Surveillance

* System of Double Checking

* Quota

* Passive Perfecting

Head of the Department: Arvaniti Smaragdi

Phone : 30 210 3607944, 30 210 3382235
Fax: 30 210 3624643,

The Department of Industry is responsible for the following:

1. Keeping in touch with current laws and regulations, submitting advisory memoranda and proposals relating to the development, protection and the provision of incentives, in the interest of industry.

2. Studying the installations, functioning and development of industrial units and keeping in touch with the progress of industrial investment and the availability of industrial credit.

3. Studying industrial enterprises by manufacturing field as well as studying all issues pertaining to monetary, credit, tax, price-control, and tariff policy, as well as to policy for the provision of incentives to industry.

4. Collecting, processing, compiling and supplying information pertaining to inquiries and requests for cooperation between foreign and domestic companies as well as for all specific demand for Greek Products by foreign firms.

5. Maintaining and processing data of manufacturers and products and providing lists of Greek manufacturers (members & non-members of the ACCI) (using the codes of system INTRASTAT (of AOOA, the Hellenic National Statistical Service) and system EUROSTAT.

Head of the Department:

Phone: 30 210 3615059, 30 210 3382315, 30 210 3382333, 30 210 3382368
Fax: 30 210 3609675

The responsibilities of the Department of Members Assistance & Services are:

1. Recording of legal procedures relating to business members and start-ups.

2. Collaborate with the department of Public Relations and Publications for issuing case-specific brochures.

3. The operation of One-Stop-Shop office for member firms and start-ups, which carries out legal procedures and interactions to Public Agencies.

4. Provision of consultancy services through “SOS Enterprises” office, to business that face fiscal problems.

Head of the Department: Gariou Dionysia

Phone: +30, +30
Fax : 210.36.02413

The responsibilities of the Office of Public Relations & Publications are:

1. The promotion of ACCI’s work via the press and other public media, and the publication of Information Bulletins pertaining to its activities.

2. The monitoring of the daily press and periodicals and the briefing of its departments on subjects related to their activities.

3. The maintenance of an archive of press and company publications.

4. Attending to the organization of ACCI public events, the reception and hosting of foreign delegations, and the management of procedures required for the traveling of ACCI delegations abroad.

5. Attending to the organization of the Annual Reception of the ACCI.

6. Attending to the organization of ACCI’s Awarding Ceremonies.

7. Attending to the organization of meetings of the President of the ACCI.

8. Attending to the use of ACCI halls and facilities.

9. Attending to the management and enrichment of ACCI’s Library.

10. Attending to the issuing of ACCI publications, and their distribution to ACCI Members and to other domestic and foreign organizations.

It is noted that the ACCI issues or publishes the following:

a. The monthly bulletin “Development” (“Αναπτυξη”) which includes useful information, articles and opinions on various economic issues.

b. The quarterly publication “Trade with Greece”, in English, which promotes Greek products abroad as well as the opportunities offered by the Greek economy.

c. The daily electronic newsletter ( E – Newsletter) for member companies that have email address.

d. The yearly issue titled “The Greek Economy in Figures”.

e. The Yearly “Guidebook of Greek Exporters”, in Greek, English & French, which includes a variety of useful information pertaining to Greek Exporters and the products exported by each.