Director: Eleni Foti
(Τηλ. +30 210 3631317, +30 210 3382253)

Head of the Department: Zografou Maria

Phone: 30 210 3643304, 30 210 3619241
Fax: 30 210 3668578, 30 210 3624643


The Department of International Relations is responsible for the following:

1. Contacts with foreign Chambers for the purpose of exploring the possibility of exports, and the signing of protocols of cooperation with said Chambers.

2. Organizing Greek Trade Missions and hosting Foreign Trade Missions, in order to promote trade relations.

3. Organizing Seminars, Conventions and One-Day Meetings of interest to International Trade.

4. The operation of Departments for Monitoring imports and exports to and from Greece, for each country, presided by members of ACCI’s Board of Directors, and the organization of meetings for these departments.

Head of the Department: Starra Styliani
Phone: +30 210 3615059, +30 210 3382481
Fax: +30 210 3382315


The Department of EuroIssues is responsible for the following:

1. The monitoring, recording, study and response to any issue related to the European Union, such as:

* The institutional or statutory changes (in conjunction with existing conditions in Greece)

* The commercial policies of the Community.

* The legal-economic state of affairs (especially when affecting the production, manufacturing or distribution of goods)

* The newspapers and publications of the E.U. (especially those which publish Regulations, Directives, etc)

2. Liaising with E.U. institutions, the Eurochamber, international organizations such as the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the African, Caribbean & Pacific States (ACP), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), etc, and the monitoring of activities by these organizations.

3. The collaboration with foreign branch offices of the ACCI for subjects of common interest.

4. The monitoring of the foreign financial press.

5. The planning for the organization of conventions, one-day-meetings, seminars, lectures & educational programs (for company personnel, market research, budgeting, advertisement, standardization, sales, management, etc)

6. The supply of information relating to submitted proposals for ACCI participation in Community Programs, or relations

Head of the Department: Gitsoudis Georgios

Phone: +30 210 3626236, +30 210 3382245, +30 210 3382481, 484, 356, 234
Fax: +30 210 3626644


The Department of Programs & Training is responsible for the following:

1. Monitoring programs (except those relating to new technologies) of interest to the companies – members of A.C.C.I., which are accompanied by informative notes.

2. Providing information to businesses regarding their subsidized programs and business opportunities arising from their participation in them.

3. Reviewing and monitoring programs that may be of interest to A.C.C.I., so as to participate in them as the implementing body.

4. Planning and coordinating activities for vocational education and training and implementing seminars on issues aimed at enhancing the human resources in businesses.

Head of the Department: Panagopoulos Christos

Phone: 30 210 3624341, 30 210 3382311
Fax: 30 210 3624341
Permanent Secretariat of Arbitration, phone: 30 210 3382310


The Department of Arbitration is responsible for the following:

1. The management of all issues of ARBITRATION by the A.C.C.I. as stipulated in Presidential Degree 31/12.1.1979.

2. The mediation for the resolution of COMMERCIAL DISPUTES and the drafting of settlement minutes or contracts conducted during the proceedings.

3. The conduct of SAMPLING and ASSESSMENT activities according to existing laws and regulations and the compilation of lists of licensed samplers and assessors.


RULES of ARBITRATION – The costs and fees (article 33, Presidential Degree 31/12.01.1973).

CONVENTION- Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.


( United Nations , New York 1958 ).